Mobile WTP can be applied to treat surface water, sea water and ground water. Mobile WTP aims to be able to provide a water treatment system covering areas that are difficult to reach, either temporarily or permanently. As an emergency treatment, such as when there is a natural disaster or in remote areas that result in the absence of a ready-to-use clean water source, it is necessary to increase processing capacity or replace the existing treatment system. The technologies used in Mobile WTP vary and are not limited to coagulation and flocculation systems, UF, and RO.

Mobile WTP can be built in 20 ‘or 40’ containers with the required number of containers one or more, this depends on the quality and capacity of the raw water source to be treated. Mobile WTP will be designed as a complete system, according to client requirements. Mobile WTP should be positioned close to raw water sources. What the client needs to prepare is a source of electricity, a connection of clean water as a result of processing and a connection of waste water.

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