Since 2016, We start to build a strong partnership with one of leading Japan’s company is Aiken Kakoki K.K. With them, We have a collaboration in waste water treatment in industrial sector especially for EGSB technology, the name is Super Depcer. This technology is advance technology rather than Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Bed (UASB). EGSB is an anaerobic treatment process where microorganisms, granule formation, degrade organic contaminants in the absence of oxygen.

The EGSB design is appropriate for low strength soluble wastewaters  or for wastewaters that contain inert or poorly biodegradable suspended particles ( toxic in high concentrations). EGSB design can be applied in various industrial sectors including agro industrial and domestic wastewater (e.g., agro-food, beverage, alcohol distillery, chemical, pharmaceutical, municipal sewage, among others) depends on the operating conditions.

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