OASIS Water Dispenser – SKYE

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Special Features:

  • Economical solution for contactless water
  • user centered, true hands-free interface
  • quick and easy installation
  • removable reservoir

OASIS Water Dispenser – Quarrtz

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The QUARRTZ’s sleek, stainless steel body with contrasting ABS injection moulded trims creates a sophisticated modern aesthetic.

The ‘inside-out’ cooling probe design used throughout the entire range of Removable Reservoir coolers ensures a more efficient cooling method, conserving energy and eliminating condensation within the cooler.

The removable reservoir system simplifies the sanitization process – just replace the water contact parts with pre-sanitized components.

Requires no replacement of disposable parts or use of messy chemicals at your customer site. To service the cooler, only one screw needs to be removed.

Special Features:

  • Inside-Out cooling probe
  • Efficient and proven technology
  • High quality = longevity
  • Range of hot tanks available
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