Starting 2018, we have a cooperation and make an exclusive agreement with China’s tank manufacture, Beijing YingHeRui Environmental Technology Co., LTD. The GFS tank has developed with high strength Titanium Rich Steel (TRS) plates, which can work perfectly with our glass frit. The strength and flexibility of steel and high corrosion resistance of glass which will make a proven products to install in many application, such as municipal waste water, industrial waste water, drinking water, sludge diposal, manure waste, etc.

Double Layer Structure

The benefits of GFS Tank,

1. Good Anti-Corrosion Performance

2. Smooth, anti-bacteria

3. Wear and scratch resistance

4. High acidity/alkalinity tolerance

5. Fast Installation

6. Less maintenance cost and easy to repair

7. Possible to combine other technology (Anaerobic Digester)

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