Water Treatment

Reverse Osmosis

Industries figure among the largest water consumers apart of domestic usage. Over exploitation of ground water resources in the heavily populated coastal areas has caused sea water intrusion. This is especially true for Java which has a large coastal population and Industry. With a lower OPEX and competitive pricing many Industrial clients have preferred to adopt sea water desalination for their process applications and Industrial use. With predictable output quality it assist them to concentrate solely on doing what they do best.

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Ultra Filtration

With the capability of rejecting particle size of 0.1 µm every compound who’s size is higher than 0.1 μm is completely removed from the water. Due to this UF has found increased applications in pre filtration for SWRO plants world wide. With materials like polyvinylidene-fluoride (PVDF) the membranes are stronger and each module develops an effective filtration area of 50 m2. This compact configuration reduces the space needed compared to conventional technologies and provides operational efficiency. Apart of pre filtrations UF membranes are also applied within certain recycling process where client s experience significant oil content. Artha has developed such applications with ceramic membranes in produced water treatment.

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