Water Treatment

water treatment


With a reference of over 200 installations for clean water application through the Public Works department across Indoneisa, PT Artha Envirotama has proved its expertise in this field.

Our Municipal packages include design, build, test, commission & hand over the water treatment facilities and systems.

ULTRA PACK® our in house conventional water treatment plant is the main stay of our product for most municipal projects that require fresh water. The process of clarification removes suspended matter from water. Surface waters require clarification because they have moderate to high levels of suspended matter.

We are able to offer packaged plants ranging from 5 lps up to 50 lps using the ULTRA PACK.

Sailent Features:

  • MOC is SS 400.
  • Ideal for remote areas : easy of operations & and simple design.
  • Can be mobile and or containerised.
  • Treats surface water and conforms to clean water standards of permenkes RI No. 907 / menkes / sk / VII / 2002.

For capacities beyond this we have partners who can offer us leading technology in conventional treatment and newer technologies on a case to case basis.

Whether the challenge relates to scarce water resources, health concerns or meeting stringent capacity requirements for fresh water provision, Artha has addressed all such concerns throughout the archipelago.


For our industrial clients we always consult and create a customer centric water treatment solution keeping a design philosophy that is focused on kPI like quality , OPEX and an operators delight.

Our efforts are aimed at offering our clients a competitive advantage in long term operational cost with reasonable capital expenditure.

With an Archipelago of 17,508 islands, some 6,000 of which are inhabited and a coast line covering 54,716 km makes Indonesia the world's largest country comprised solely of islands. With such close proximity to the sea, demand for sea & brackish water desalinisation is growing rapidly. The application of the latest advancements in energy recovery, more efficient pumps, lower membrane cost and the subsequent reduction in OPEX has assisted the wider usage of Reverse Osmosis amongst many of our clients.

Artha has had the opportunity for a full turn key project offering SWRO for 4500 m3 per day.

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